About ImageStamper What is ImageStamper? ImageStamper is a free tool for keeping dated, independently verified copies of license conditions associated with creative commons images. ImageStamper can act as your witness when you inspect the copyright license of an image that you want to download and use. You can ask ImageStamper to look at the web page with the image to independently verify what exact license conditions apply to that image. ImageStamper will visit this webpage from one of its servers and produce an image 'timestamp' -- a dated record of image contents and of the license conditions that apply to that image. This timestamp will then be permanently stored in your account and you can present it as evidence that you were given appropriate rights to use the image. Why do I need it? Online content is in constant flux and license conditions of images can change. When you download a creative commons licensed image, the license is normally irrevocable, meaning that you have the right to use the image under that license forever. However, the owner of the image copyright can always change the license. If this happens, people who download this image for the first time after the new license comes into force are restricted by the conditions of that new license. An image can also be simply deleted from its original location, such as Flickr, removing all traces of how it was licensed. In situations like these, it is useful to have an independently verified, permanent record of how the image was licensed when you downloaded it. Otherwise, the owner of the image copyright might try to claim that you are restricted by new image license conditions, or that you do not have the right to use the image altogether. If you are the copyright owner of an image, you can use ImageStamper to prove that this image existed at the specified location on a given date, under a given license. Simply timestamp your own image using ImageStamper. This can help you prove that you were the first to produce the image in its original form, and that the image was already licensed in a particular way at that point in time. How does it work? You can create an image timestamp in three easy steps. 1. Find the original web page that contains both the image you want to timestamp and the image's license (currently only Flickr pages are supported). E.g.: 2. Copy the address (URL) of this web page and paste it into the address box on the Stamp an image page in ImageStamper. Click the Stamp image button. 3. ImageStamper will access this web page from one of its servers and will download the page itself and the image. It will extract relevant details about the image such as its author and its license, and will ask you to verify that these details are correct. Click Timestamp this image if the details are right. The timestamp will now be permanently in your account, showing these details and the exact time when they were recorded. You can delete this timestamp later if you no longer need it.How should I use a timestamp in case of a copyright dispute? If the owner of the image copyright is disputing your right to use the image in the way that was permitted by the image's license when you timestamped the image, you can demonstrate the appropriate timestamp in your account to all parties involved in the dispute. You can do this by publishing the unique public permalink of this timestamp. Because ImageStamper checks image license conditions from one of its servers in an independent manner, this timestamp is strong evidence that the image was licensed appropriately for your use when you downloaded it. Additionally, ImageStamper can write on your behalf to all parties that are involved in the dispute, stating the content of the relevant timestamp. You can request ImageStamper to do so by e-mailing, stating your username, the details of the relevant timestamp and the e-mail addresses of the parties to be contacted with this information. How many timestamps can I keep in my account? Initially you can store up to 1000 timestamps in your account, however this limit can be increased upon request by contacting What is your business model? We plan to offer the features described above free of charge for the foreseeable future. We will introduce premium features for which we may charge companies and individuals. What if there are problems with the site? Please contact with your ImageStamper username and a detailed description of the problem you encountered or post it on the forums. Who works on ImageStamper and where is it based? ImageStamper is maintained and developed by Alexei Yavlinsky in London, England.

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